Being a teacher of mechanical technology

It’s nice to say Hello to you again, my friends, who could come from all over the world, I am gonna tell you my real story. When I am writing these lines, it means that I only have less two months working as a mechanic technology teacher. From August, 2014 to this present moment, it’s been more than 3 years since the day I started my job. This is not so long but quite enough for an adventurous person like me. Then, next year, in 2018, new experiences will come and I really look forward to it. Looking back this period of time, it goes without saying that become a teacher gives me a lot of chance to learn many useful skills and other benefits that I’ve never known before. So, I would like to share some of them to you right now.

As you know, to become a teacher, the very first thing you must have is a good voice. I have practised plenty of hours everyday whenever I get free time and even when relaxing at my own space. Trying to make your voice clearer, smoother and louder, by many ways, such as recording some of your speeches into your phone and then hear them back to find the mistakes. It makes wonders certainly. When I am in class, besides helping the students catch the lessons most effectively, making them interested in your voice is also important. Now, I realize that my voice becomes better than ever, I can know how to switch it as fast as possible in order to make impression to the opposite ones in any conversations from formal to informal style. But, you need to keep this practise up over and over again.


Next, to be honest, my major is not about mechanic technology, it’s industrial system engineering instead. So, why I have to say this, because my first intention after graduating at university was to become an engineer in some companies outside which could give me higher salary and advanced positions. But, finally, I chose to be a teacher despite the fact that it will have a lot of difficulties involved in financial problems. I want to challenge myself in a different field as well as learn the knowledge of mechanic technology which used to be my passion from childhood. And, this comes to be successful incredibly, I have been learned and instructed well from experienced ones who are also the teachers and my colleagues.

Then, the most important part of being a teacher is that college is a good environment for you to master the skill of presentating subjects in front of the crowds. In my opinion, you are not only teaching or presenting the lessons in class, but you also are performing on stage as an artist. I will never forget a good saying of an old teacher, he said that” when you are teaching, let regard you as an artist and the students are the audience who are waiting and looking forward to the show of you”. That’s amazing…Once you make your students love the subject, that’s when you finish your presentation perfectly.

Another story from this post, being a form teacher of a class of 11 students is also another impressing experience of mine. Although I had only 2 years taking this responsibility but I got a lot of unforgettable memories. The students were so nice and funny but, as you know, they were still in their teenagers and quite naughty sometimes, so, when I needed to give them my advice or let them listen to you, that’s actually not an easy stuff. Then, I became more appreciated my teachers in the past who had devoted all their lives for this career.


That’s quite enough for what I wanna talk. There’re still other benefits when getting in charge of this job, but I am gonna take class in few minutes next. Hope to share with you more next time.
Say goodbye to my beloved ones.

P/s : By the way, this is one of my assignments I have given to my students. It’s a spinner. It takes them 8 days on class to complete this task. 🙂

Specifications of the spinner with drawing:


The spinner be ready for use, or just decoration your private corner. The student who made it, got 10 marks in total


Testing on hands


Some other pictures captured on the process of making spinner







Everything will be ok !! Soon..

The old doctor wants to find someone to inherit his clinic

After 36 years of devoting in working, Patrick Laine, the 67 year-old doctor wants to find someone that could inherit all of his asset and clinic but until now, there has not had anyone appears.

Owning a private clinic is a big dream to all doctors. However, most of health professional experts seem to be careless to this chance despite the fact it will not get them any cost.

According to France 3,  Dr. Patrick Laine, aged 67, who is living in Saulnot, a countryside in East of France. He has had a successful career and owned a private clinic with 300 m2 width which always gets busy all the time. After 36 years working , Dr.Patrick Laine realises that he needs to stop his career due to decreasing health condition.

To prepare for his retirement in 6/2018, Dr.Patrick has posted all information of his clinic in the Internet in order to find someone who feels interested in this rare chance but seemingly no one cares.
Dr.Patrick now feels extremely worried. He has had a long time staying by side with the patients and he doesn’t want to leave them but hardly continutes this job anymore. Now, the only wish he desires is could find an appropriate person to inherit his asset and clinic.




Want to succeed in life ? Stop using Facebook, now !!

The power of Internet connection nowadays seems to be developed strongly and unpredictably, this finally leads to the problem of being extremely addicted  to Social network sites from young people

The reason why we should use social network sites much less than ever

According to NewYork Times, they present a special case about Cal Newport-  A Computer Professior and also the author of bestseller ” So good, they can’t ignore you, why skill trump passion in the quest for work you love”. He is a successful person and he never ever has any account for any social network site as well, even Twitter and Instagram.

So, why Cal chooses the completely opposite way from more than 78% American youngers who are using social network sites every hour of everyday? Not just because he worries about spam, ads, personal information security or his mental health. Simply, Car just believes this could affect on his life or his career positively

getty_476764292_158201.jpg (660×306)

In the capitalist economy, the market often pays for only unique products. The action of using social network sites regularly considers to be a normal activity, it is not worth getting attention from most employers.
If you just keep repeating or maintaining usual activities, and don’t wanna go outside, try to impress yourself, your thinking will become more sensitive,  not strong enough for any job which requires lots of pressure, tight deadline, etc in future..
The basically simple thing of success is that you could create your own ideas, useful products, and make everybody trust in them.
One could broaden his knowledge, has perfectly necessary skills will let the chance come to him naturally, in spite of the fact that he never has shared completely anything on any social network sites before. However, nowadays, nets of media are not supposed to  concentrate on how to learn, build or develop skills, knowledge to be more successful.
So that, wasting a lot of time for social network sites make users less concentrate on the important things of their life, evaluating themself, learning new lessons…Finally, that coud lead to the worst productive outcome.

Stop updating facebook status
   According to IIanna Gerson – An Anthropologist from Indiana University, Bloomington and the author of the book “Down and out in the New Economy: How People Find  (or don’t Find) Work Today”. An action of updating everything about yourself is a waste of time and doesn’t make any kind of sense.
After interviewing the candidates applying in a new project for her new book, IIanna showed that trying to build the impressive image is not a good way to get job. From her point of view, that is just a method for us trying to let ourself take in the economy which becomes more weak and easy to collaspe at this time.
In other words, updating your profile on Facebook or Twitter now is just a phenomenon of thinking over about their abilities to be more professional as well as more successful.
So, to maintain their impressive image on Facebook, they must login and be online 24/24 on Internet in order to have more likes, follows, shares and comments. This absolutely affects negatively on the social relationships in real life..The users of social network sites will constantly live in the world of unreal things, and even maybe probably lead to dismiss really big chances outside.

” Trying to build your own profile image on social network sites is just the most stupid thing ever. It wastes time, and definitely never be a good way to get job. Human is not a product used for taking label. You’d better learn how to spend time on developing yourself to be more valuable and even unique in society.”

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How a 24 years old person should react to her life

Now, being an adult, a girl has to change some of her habits and prepare for a long run ahead !

Not 25, or maybe 20, at age 24, we are coming to the period of getting mature, though we are still a little bit infantile. At this age of life, some people could have been working for a company or a corporation for more than 2 years, getting a lot of experience. However, that is not enough to have right decisions in their life, so, it’s the time to start to change some daily habits or old thoughts….

Dont try to follow new fashion trends and let your wallet empty for costly things, but investing in polite, approriate  clothes actually be an accurate choice..

blue-jeans-1-537x402.jpg (537×402)

Decide to love someone should be a serious intention, don’t consider it just a joke

After 24, you will recognize trying to get to know what others think about you is just a waste of time..

artboard-1-copy-2-1489421165643.png (1000×625)

You dont have the chance to choose the ones gave birth to you, so, all you have to do is loving them by your heart and soul

artboard-1-copy-3-1489421165647.png (1000×625)

Being 24, you should have something valuable for your own, right ?

artboard-1-copy-4-1489421165649.png (1000×625)

Live a real life, dont depend on the odd things on internet anymore

artboard-1-copy-5-1489421165652.png (1000×625)

Not just for beauty, a healthy body seems to be much more important. Dont just complain how fat you are all day, going to the gym right away, instead

artboard-1-copy-6-1489421165654.png (1000×625)

Arranging your stuffs carefully, live a clean, logical life never seems wasteful
artboard-1-copy-7-1489421165655.png (1000×625)

Realize  about what you really want clearly

artboard-1-copy-8-1489421165657.png (1000×625)

When 24, learn to refuse or dimmiss things you don’t want, say No with the things you don’t like. Having your own ideas, being brave and strong more !

artboard-1-copy-9-1489421165660.png (1000×625)

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Good morning, December !!

Eating and drinking, for no particular purpose

All you need in Vietnam, besides good company, is beer, delicious food and a sense of freedom.

In Ho Chi Minh City, and other parts of Vietnam, when somebody says it’s time tonhau, it’s a clarion call to go “drinking and feasting”. Pressed to explain the concept further, a man from Da Nang once described “nhau” as “eating and drinking for no particular purpose.”

No one has to be celebrating a birthday. It doesn’t have to be a national holiday — or even the end of the week. It could be a run-of-the-mill-Tuesday evening but somebody wants to eat, drink and be merry, and that somebody needs company — a gang of friends, a bunch of colleagues, brothers, sisters, neighbors, whomever.

Two is enough to nhau, but three’s better, and the more, the merrier.


Cheers: Men toasting with rice wine during a party at a restaurant in Hanoi. Photo by AFP

But to be clear, people don’t brave the crosstown traffic to nhau in a fancy restaurant — too stiff, too stuffy, too alienating for those unacquainted with fine-dining conventions Nor can you nhau at a noodle joint, where you’re expected to slurp your bowl down and skedaddle to make way for the next hungry punter. If it that all sounds like the Vietnamese equivalent of after-work drinks, or heading down the local pub, you’re underestimating the importance of feasting. Even if they plan to get blind drunk, nobody in Vietnam cares to imbibe without food of some description on the table. When people agree to nhau, a venue may be selected for the quality of its food rather than a convenient location. Forget TripAdvisor certificates — in a sprawling city, famed for its chaotic roads, if someone rides a scooter for 8km to a particular eatery, the owner should feel free to brag.

To nhau you need an airy space, plenty of time and, above all else, a feeling of freedom. Every table should feel like they can stay as long as they want, drink as much as they want, sing, and laugh, and shout as loud as they want…

So typically, people will head to a quan nhau (a tavern of sorts, preferably one that spills out onto a pavement), where they will be seated in plastic chairs at fold-up tables and presented with a single, exhaustive menu. A quick meeting — one perhaps chaired by a dominant character — on a serious topic is held: what will we eat? But whatever is ordered, the ensuing feast is invariably heavy on protein and light on carbs. Rice would only rob you of room for beer.

As the evening unfolds, every dish lands without ceremony in the middle of the table. The commensal spirit of such gatherings is innate to Vietnamese. No one orders their own steak-frites or the catch of the day.

There are also no individual orders of beer — it’s one commercial beer or another for everyone. After a crate has been dragged to the table, cylinders of ice are placed in glasses even if the bottles have been refrigerated. Sacrilege? Elsewhere in the world, sure, but in Ho Chi Minh City, a) the ice keeps the beer cold in spite of the soupy heat and b) if challenged to consecutive bouts of tram phan tram (“100%” the vernacular for bottoms up), even a beer snob can warm to the virtues of a watery beer.

In parts of the city, a busker might wander past the most popular quan nhau, strumming as he strolls, hoping a table of revelers will coo him over to croon a sentimental ballad. But with or without music, come 9 p.m., each quan nhau invariably has an infectious air of festivity, and flustered staff will be run off their feet until every table has eventually had its fill of food, and beer, gossip and stories, teasing and taunting…

Which brings us to the final act: settling the bill. Invariably, someone will seize it and make a gallant attempt to pay for everyone, but generally the rest of the table will have none of it. Let’s all chip in, someone will reason, and nhau again soon.

And they will; later that week or the following week, whenever somebody wants to eat, drink and be merry (for no particular purpose) and that somebody needs company.

By Connla Stokes