Honda Cub C100 – Legend of Japan

The Cub C100- 1960 version was put at a decorative, precious place in Honda Collection Hall (Japan) Museum and exhibited respectedly in Tokyo Motor Show 2013.

Tokyo Show 2013 is not only where the companies show their technology, types of new concept of future  or potential trading auto types..but also is the occasion for showing off achievements in the past. This time, Honda brings to the Show many famous types of bikes, among them, Honda has had Cub C100. C100 also exhibited in Twin Ring Motegi Race (Japan). All bikes in the museum has been recovered into the original.


Honda Cub C100 1960

Cub version was born in 1958, at the beginning of Motobike Industry period. At that point, instead of using bicycle, people have changed their habit to use moped version. When people all over the world still was used to the two-stroke engine ,Honda got the bigbang of motorbike Industry by introducing the smooth, beautiful Cub version  which goes with four-stroke engine.

Honda took their goal on the American and Europe Market, and in the Marketing campaign, they emphasizsed “You meet nicest people on a Honda”, which got the big success after that, and easily to become a favorite motobike of fans from Asia eventually. Till to 2008, the amount of selling motobikes all over the world was up to 60 milions ones.

The Cub 100 that Honda has brought to the Show this time is 1960 version. The bike has a four-stroke engine strongly, its weight just about 65 Kg.

Some Photos of Cub 100-1960 version at the Show:
cub2 cub3 cub4cub5cub6cub8cub9cub10
Via Bongda



  1. Like a Honda Cub (C100)~
    Thank you~
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    • Thanks for your all likes and comments.Have a nice day,too ^^

      • Thank you so much^^
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      • You’re welcome ^^
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      • Cub has been used a lot still ^^
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      • That’s right…The Cub’s very popular in my country in many years till now because its price and quality always be consistent and productive with users…:)
        Have a nice weekend,too,my friend !!
        See you 🙂

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