English skills Improvement

Hi everyone, today i have something to share with all of you,guys,my friends..from over the world..

In VietNam nowadays, the economic is developing very fast..so,there are so many chances come to everyone in my country related to very various jobs, occupations, but..if you want to catch the chance that can make your life better, more fulfilling, you have to own the important skills, and English skills are ones of them…

Recently, through the newspapers, news from the Internet, books…written or presented by Vietnamese Language…i made an idea that i will try to translate them into English and post on my WordPress Blog everyday as much as i can…so,i can improve my English skills..of course,i also practice with many different ways eventually by reading English books, listenning to English songs..so on..

So, if you,guys have any advices or recommendations on my posts…let comment your thought below and it’ll give me a lot of happiness on my effort.

Thanks for reading these lines.





  1. I think you are a beautiful country.

    • Thank you so much, and i think your country, Romani, is also a wonderful country, too.This winter, your place will be colder,snowy..so fantastic!! You know, i just wish i could have had a chance to travel to Romani and i love winter so much because the only reason is i was born in winter.!!
      Hope to see you in a near day !!

      • Hy,
        Yes you’re right,sometimes is wonderful,when is snow but this days it’s so cold.Maybe one day your wish could be possible.Life is surprising.

      • Yes,i always hope that one day,i’ll have a chance to travel to your country or another country of European in winter..In Viet Nam, my country, there has no snow in winter, not too cold, somtimes it’s hot also..and i wish oneday, you can come to my place for avoiding cold from your country…hjhj ^^
        So,Chirstmas is comming to town now…wish you a Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year,my friend 🙂
        From VN

      • Thanke you for your wishes.Maybe one day we made change of country in holiday.Happy New Year ,you too.

      • yup,I hope so,too..^^
        Have a good day, mdany70 !!

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