How to forget a person who never fall in love with you..

Everyday, you’re still thinking about one person, who you fell in love  in the past and never be with you in the past ? Just accept these advices here and try to approach if it’s useful for you.

We had too many stories about how to get through pains from broken love, so, this time, you can try a little bit more from some tips here. 😉

1/ Negative it

Are you sure if he/she used to fall in love with you ? Do you remember actions, attitudes that they used them to show their feelings,their love for you? If they can’t be with you in an actual relationship, and can’t not be your friend to learn more from you, so all of things make you confuse, worry, prepossess – absolutely they are bad misconception.


2/ Be active

You have to ensure that you are always flexible and trying to let you out of this disapointment.Why dont you try to learn a new habit or a joyful hobby that you never do it before ? This is always right and necessary in every situation if you really want to forget someone..and also with everyone in this world.

3/ Planning your time, your future

You have to plan a new mission, new job for your own. Holiday ? Instead of staying at home and follow her/his facebook, just go out for somewhere, enjoy an interesting night with your close friend, take some fascinating photos and  perhaps he/she can follow you back.

4/ Cry if you can

After a series of activities on day to make you feel better,’ll be okay if you just come back to your pain, your sadness at night.”Don’t regret for crying..because we’re just robots if we dont have these feelings”. You can pretend that you’re strong in front of everybody, so they can spread you confidence..but, when you face to face yourself, so, be honest.If you feel pain, sadness just let them through away…it will help you to be better …

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