The dirty life of young Romanian girl below the sewers

Her parents had left her alone when she just was born, the 17-year-old girl then grew in an orphan house before living with the homeless people below the sewers of Bucharest Capital, Romania when she was 13.


The Anthropologist and Photographer, Massimo Branca met Catalina in 2013, when she was 17. Arcording to National Geographic, the enticements quickly caught her right after that.zing_duongham2

Branca,the author of the photos of Catalina’s life, commented : The large and black eyes of hers seem more mysterious when I look inside them deeply.So, they let me understand the difficulties which the girl has been faced for years.

Hot, wet and crowed are the life’s conditions of homeless people below the sewers at Bucharest Capital.The children and homeless guys have used the small holes on the ground to get inside the sewers below. Catalina lives in the sewers from being a 12-year-old girl.She got addicted 1 year later.

Branca have tried to satisfy the leader of homeless people just to have chance to observe and get photos about their life.”I want everyone could have a full perception about the homeless people, so they can realize and have sympathy with this community”,Branca said.

The depression always appears on their faces.The most crowed, noisy activity here is heroin bussiness.Catalina is not the exception.She started using this toxic from being a 13-year-old child.Thereout, she also likes to write her life’s stories.


Also by Branca, almost of people who live in the sewers get Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and Aids.They use heroin for entertaining. Mostly, the young men in this sewers died here because they have nowhere to leave.


Living activities daily take place inside the sewers.They got tools to cook, for the life demands at least.Branca thought, most of people will get shocked when they observe the whole living activities here


The smile on her face.The young girl feels ashamed when smiling because she was lost a tooth few years ago. First 2014, she got an accidence and burned at her foot.Branca brought her to the hospital, and to a safe place after that.She swore that never using heroin anymore and want to come back the sewers.


However, the young girl could not keep the oath when she gets back to the sewers.”Be a human, I have tried to help her. I feel she is very closed to me, like a daughter or a younger sister.I knew something not good about her health but still be better than the others in the sewers.I didn’t think that Catalina could go away soon”, Branca remembered.


On 28/5/2014, a month later when she got 18, Catalina had passed away by heroin.She also had HIV virus in body.Her boyfriend knelt down beside her coffin…He also had HIV virus…

Photo : National Geographic


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  1. Please, delete this article. The text you reported is all wrong (I guess you translated from some other already translated stolen article).
    Massimo Branca

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