The most ten fantastic islands in the world

The travel + Leisure’s 2015 World’s Best Awards which were voted by all users around the world for the most ten favourite islands.

1. Galapagos (Ecuador) : At the top of the ranking is the Galapagos archipelago with the wild and various animals system of Ecuador.These unique or strange experiences on this island always have an extremely weird attraction to the passionate people who love the beauty of nature, travelling or the professional photographers. Coming to this place, you can easily have chance to approach Sea lions, Great frigatebirds, the only Ichthyosaurias in the world, Penguins.This year, the island has got the 1st Award of the travel  + Leisure’s 2015 World’s Best Awards.


2. Bali (Indonesia) : The Bali island is the most impressive one among all islands in Indonesia. With the rice fields, decorative Hindu Church and great mountains.The tourists also can join the cooking training, researching Bali’s modern art-architecture and taking part in Bali’s traditional-praying-Celebration of local people.


3. Maldives: Maldives is the sunkenest country in the world, with the average height is just 1m8 against to the sea level. Many hotels here were conducted right on the bright blue seas.


4.Tasmania (Australia) : This is the inceptive island with wild nature, its acreage is about 2428 km2.The air is so pure and very healthy.


5.Santorini (Greece) : The special point of this island is the Black-sand Beaches at Perissa, the historical constructions which were stored, protected very carefully and also the beautiful sunset afternoons. Oia, the village on the rock here is one of the most famous destinations of photographers in the world .

5_26.Moorea (Polynesia, France) : This is the brother island with Bora Bora island, where has coconut lines beside beautiful beaches


7.Maui (Hawaii) : Maui mixes with modern, expensive apartments comes with great sceneries.The advice for the tourists here is trying to visit the Haleakala vocano mountain, 311m height and see the sun getting down by riding bicycle to.


8.Kauai (Hawaii) : This is the oldest island in Hawaii, was born by the lava of volcano mountain 5 milions year ago. The highlight places in Hawaii to visit are Pali Ke Kua, Hideaways Beach where stored secrects of black lava wall, or Waimea defile and Na Pali Beach…


9. Great Barrier (Australia) :With the 2570 km length, this place gets so attrative to the divers because it has more than 400 creatures with various, different sizes, shapes from Echinoidea to Whale..


10.Malta : The island is the proof proves that there is no need to have cocktail, wine,..still be one of the most attractive islands in the world……


Via CNN.


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