The most dangerous roads in the world

Located at highest places without passageway, may get destroyed by wave are all the extreme challenges on the road for the drivers
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Almost the roads inside the moutains have the same way to conduct is that using fireboxes. However, it can not be right with this one, Guoliang tunnel from China. In 1972, 13 local people in Guoliang area had to sell their pets to contribute to a fund in order to build a road which could be a connection with the world outside.

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They didn’t use any fireboxe to collapse the moutain, the very simple equipments have been used instead. By this way, the proccess became much more dangerous, and wasteful of time. Finally, it has taken nearly 5 years to complete this tunnel with 1.2 kilometre length for use. The tunnel with very narrow width, if the drivers dont want to have any risk, they shouldn’t get lack of attention to any potential danger.

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James Dalton (Alaska, USA) is one of the most dangerous subways in the world. Futhermore, it’s also called the loneliest road due to the existence of three towns with only 60 citizens living  along the road.

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There are lots of challenges with many difficulties could damage the drivers such as : heavy snow, extreme wind, non-protected conditions..even the bad temperature down to -60 celcious degrees.

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Atlantic Road (Norway) is only the finest street in the list. Nevertheless, if dont have much experience enough, the drivers also can get the danger easily. For instance, the large waves caused by bad weather or storms could attack any object which is moving on the road. In addition, with approximately 60 kilometres per hour of speed, the wind always be the winner in the battle  against to the drivers who even had much experience for many years.

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However, in usual conditions, this road is also the most beautiful destination for everyone who has a deep love with nature .

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The road through the Himalaya moutain in SouthAisa certaintly is not the place for weak-heart people. This road was best-known as the highest road in the world. And of course, it doesn’t have any gallery.

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Unsuprisingly if there has any transportation be a victim of this unsafe road.

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Living in Bolivia never seems to be easy at all. This country was known as a tiny and poorest nation in SouthAmerica. There also has many threatening roads as known as the most vicious destinations in the world. In spite of many difficulties and bad conditions, people still play a risky game with their fate for a simple reason, to survive.
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Obviously, the symbols like this actually  show to the driver lots of things, also warn them should pay attention to everything they see on their journey frequently.  Yungas is the name of this road, it also has another name,” deathly journey”. There is a number of deads was estimated on this road, may be 200-300 died people every year, it means 2-6 ones a week in average.

Translator : Kathyy89



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