Want to succeed in life ? Stop using Facebook, now !!

The power of Internet connection nowadays seems to be developed strongly and unpredictably, this finally leads to the problem of being extremely addicted  to Social network sites from young people

The reason why we should use social network sites much less than ever

According to NewYork Times, they present a special case about Cal Newport-  A Computer Professior and also the author of bestseller ” So good, they can’t ignore you, why skill trump passion in the quest for work you love”. He is a successful person and he never ever has any account for any social network site as well, even Twitter and Instagram.

So, why Cal chooses the completely opposite way from more than 78% American youngers who are using social network sites every hour of everyday? Not just because he worries about spam, ads, personal information security or his mental health. Simply, Car just believes this could affect on his life or his career positively

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In the capitalist economy, the market often pays for only unique products. The action of using social network sites regularly considers to be a normal activity, it is not worth getting attention from most employers.
If you just keep repeating or maintaining usual activities, and don’t wanna go outside, try to impress yourself, your thinking will become more sensitive,  not strong enough for any job which requires lots of pressure, tight deadline, etc in future..
The basically simple thing of success is that you could create your own ideas, useful products, and make everybody trust in them.
One could broaden his knowledge, has perfectly necessary skills will let the chance come to him naturally, in spite of the fact that he never has shared completely anything on any social network sites before. However, nowadays, nets of media are not supposed to  concentrate on how to learn, build or develop skills, knowledge to be more successful.
So that, wasting a lot of time for social network sites make users less concentrate on the important things of their life, evaluating themself, learning new lessons…Finally, that coud lead to the worst productive outcome.

Stop updating facebook status
   According to IIanna Gerson – An Anthropologist from Indiana University, Bloomington and the author of the book “Down and out in the New Economy: How People Find  (or don’t Find) Work Today”. An action of updating everything about yourself is a waste of time and doesn’t make any kind of sense.
After interviewing the candidates applying in a new project for her new book, IIanna showed that trying to build the impressive image is not a good way to get job. From her point of view, that is just a method for us trying to let ourself take in the economy which becomes more weak and easy to collaspe at this time.
In other words, updating your profile on Facebook or Twitter now is just a phenomenon of thinking over about their abilities to be more professional as well as more successful.
So, to maintain their impressive image on Facebook, they must login and be online 24/24 on Internet in order to have more likes, follows, shares and comments. This absolutely affects negatively on the social relationships in real life..The users of social network sites will constantly live in the world of unreal things, and even maybe probably lead to dismiss really big chances outside.

” Trying to build your own profile image on social network sites is just the most stupid thing ever. It wastes time, and definitely never be a good way to get job. Human is not a product used for taking label. You’d better learn how to spend time on developing yourself to be more valuable and even unique in society.”

Source : Zing.vn


How a 24 years old person should react to her life

Now, being an adult, a girl has to change some of her habits and prepare for a long run ahead !

Not 25, or maybe 20, at age 24, we are coming to the period of getting mature, though we are still a little bit infantile. At this age of life, some people could have been working for a company or a corporation for more than 2 years, getting a lot of experience. However, that is not enough to have right decisions in their life, so, it’s the time to start to change some daily habits or old thoughts….

Dont try to follow new fashion trends and let your wallet empty for costly things, but investing in polite, approriate  clothes actually be an accurate choice..

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Decide to love someone should be a serious intention, don’t consider it just a joke

After 24, you will recognize trying to get to know what others think about you is just a waste of time..

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You dont have the chance to choose the ones gave birth to you, so, all you have to do is loving them by your heart and soul

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Being 24, you should have something valuable for your own, right ?

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Live a real life, dont depend on the odd things on internet anymore

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Not just for beauty, a healthy body seems to be much more important. Dont just complain how fat you are all day, going to the gym right away, instead

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Arranging your stuffs carefully, live a clean, logical life never seems wasteful
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Realize  about what you really want clearly

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When 24, learn to refuse or dimmiss things you don’t want, say No with the things you don’t like. Having your own ideas, being brave and strong more !

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Translated from Kenh14.vn