The Exhibition : Coloured Pollens

“The coloured pollens” is a title of The Exhibition was celebrated at Ho Chi Minh City from 6/5 to 13/5/2010 which includes more than 62 artworks by five artist who come from different art universities in the city :Nguyễn Hoàng, Vũ Hiền, Cao Thị Được, Đặng Minh Thế và Bùi Hải Châu.

The exhibition is not only an event to introduce artworks concern to deeply researches also makes attraction to viewers who have inspiration to artworks and the National Pulishments..

Some artworks in this event :

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The Art from..eggs

Drawing on the eggs to decorate and show them off in Easter(4/4/2010) interests children who are creative, also to artists and painters like to take part in.From extremely small eggs,they have created very featured artworks.

A spherical architecture block made of 3000 eggs painted with the traditional style Ukraine.Created by the Oksana Mas;Show off in Kiev,Ukraine

And this is the egg that designed vignettes like horseshoe by iron with traditional style Hungarian

Painting for eggs makes children interesting in creating (at Tbilisi, Georgia)

A huge egg made from chocolates by Belgium artists

And this is the Chocolate egg of German

Even gibbon…

….and this polar bear also be intersted with the decorative egg

The decorative eggs are dangled on branches in Adlesici, Slovenia

The decorative eggs designed by handmade.